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Almost Angels is dedicated to my sisters, Pat and Judy.  My oldest, Pat, always encouraged me in everything.  She loved my dogs so much, especially my blue merle sheltie, Skye.  Pat left us in October 2014.  Judy, my youngest sister, was always there for me.  I can’t remember any important moments in my life without her.   Judy was planning to help with Almost Angels.  We discussed it many times. The first day of August this year she left us unexpectedly.  Hopefully, Almost Angels will help keep their memories alive and bring joy to many others in the process.


  The primary purpose of Almost Angels is to improve physical, emotional and psychological lives through positive human-animal interactions.   We received our 501 (c) (3) status on April 11, 2018. All donations are tax deductible.  

Sheltie Therapy Dog
Sheltie Therapy Dog
Our First Angel -  Sophie

We are so proud of our Sophie -  She passed the Therapy Dog International and AKC Canine Good Citizen testing on April 23rd
Sheltie Therapy Dog - Tri
Angel #2 -  Sage
Sage passed the Therapy Dog International and AKC Canine Good Citizen testing on July 12th
In Training -  Shiloh and Bonnie
Sheltie Therapy Dog in Training
Sheltie Therapy Dog in Training
Shelties at the Chase Race in Conway Arkansas
Shelties at the Chase Race in Conway
Sophie and Sage participating in the 2018 Chase Race and Paws in Conway, AR

Unfortunately, at this time when people could benefit the most from the love of a dog, our visits aren’t possible.  When we can return to visiting, there will be many people who will benefit from the healing touch of a therapy dog. We will be ready when therapy dogs are once again allowed to visit.


We are continuing to train our dogs.  We have three dogs scheduled to start Canine Good Citizen training at the end of September.  Please meet Cooper, Jade and Carter. 

Three Sheltie Therapy Dogs
Canine Good Citizen Shelties with Debbie

So proud of Carter, Cooper and Jade!   All three passed their Canine Good Citizen testing in December!